Membership Application

What does IACEA do for you?

  • Issues Legislative alerts to keep the membership informed of critical information that affects the field.
  • Provides Awareness Day at the Capitol.
  • Represents the membership on the ICCB Adult Education and Family Literacy Advisory Council.
  • Represented the membership on the Professional Standards Committee.
  • Represented the membership on the ICCB Illinois Adult Education and Family Literacy Funding Task Force.
  • Provides legislative advocacy in seeking additional funding for adult education.
  • Developed a legislative agenda that became the foundation for the largest state funding increase adult education has ever seen in Illinois.
  • Provides a link to national activities and organizations, i.e., COABE, TESOL, AND AAACE.
  • Works with the SOS Literacy Office to improve coordination of effort to support and advocate for literacy programs throughout the state.
  • Provides a membership to COABE with an IACEA membership
  • Provides a membership listserv to disseminate pertinent information to the membership.
  • Provides a website for members.
  • Provides staff development for adult education through an annual conference.
  • Recognizes adult educators and adult learners through annual Administrator of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Support Staff of the Year, and Paul Simon Adult Learner of the Year awards.
  • Provides, through the Davidson Memorial Fund, financial assistance for adult education employees who need help with school expenses.
  • Provides the Will Leinicke Memorial Grant for members to support activities that promote student/faculty growth and program improvement.
  • Provides a COABE National Conference Grant for members who seek to broaden their professional experience to include activities at the national level.